OSelect your own preferred style of massage from our menu. Our receptionist will be pleased to assist you in choosing the course that most suits your needs.
背部& 肩膀
30 Minutes 1,000 B
60 Minutes 1,200 B
手,腳, 頭皮/面部 按摩
60 Minutes 1,500 B
背部 & 肩膀
60 Minutes 1,500 B
Traditional Thai Massage
60 or 90 Minutes 1,200 B / 1,600 B
This powerful and calming massage has been handed down through the centuries. It is performed on a floor mat where the whole body learns the traditional acupressure and stretching movements (without using any oil) to promote blood circulation and tension dispersal and leave you with a feeling of energy and peace. Thai pajamas are provided for your comfort.
Swedish Massage
60 or 90 Minutes
1,600 B / 2,200 B
Select your favorite essential oil for a soothing massage with smooth relaxing strokes, which concentrates on the back, removing tight knots of tension and bringing relief from stress.
1930 Blending Massage
60 or 90 Minutes
1,600 B / 2,200 B
The perfect blending of Eastern & Western massage techniques. Medium to strong mix of pressure techniques, firm strokes and stretching employ the best of Oriental and Occidental traditions to relieve stress.
1930 4-Hands Massage
60 or 90 Minutes
1,900 B / 2,500 B
This luxurious treatment allows you total relaxation and complete bliss as 2 of our therapists work on your entire body at the same time, using our own unique massage and essential oil blends that promote rebalance for your mind, body and spirit.