Our Body Care use selected fresh & natural hand-blended herbs for the most therapeutic and pleasurable results.
Body Glow
30 Minutes 1,200 B
The secret of the beautiful and glowing Thai skin! This classic paste uses a rich combination of Cassumunar Ginger and Curcuma for deep cleansing. This natural skin booster will leave you glowing.
Harmony Spice
30 Minutes 1,200 B
A special blend of honey and black sesame which help to exfoliate dead skin, revitalize, and draw out toxins by its anti-bacterial active ingredients.
Pre Sun
30 Minutes 1,200 B
A natural and silky Coconut Milk blend base is followed by Jasmine Rice Powder & ground coconut massaged with a circular movement. This is then scrubbed off, leaving your skin nourished & silky smooth.
Body Refresher
30 Minutes 1,200 B
Gentle yet effective, fresh Cucumber and Aloe Vera are blended with essential oils for those with dry and dehydrated skin. This body mask is also ideal for sun-burnt skin.
Purity Lovers
60 Minutes 2,000 B
This treatment allows you to enjoy the combination of our body scrub which gently washes away impurities and exfoliates dead skin while Honey & Orange massage lends an uplifting inspiration to both body and spirit.
Herbal Pack Treatment
1 Hour 45 Minutes 2,200 B
With selections of
* Nourishing Herbal Pack
* Detoxifying Herbal Pack
* Muscle Comfort Herbal Pack

This ancient Thai healing is renowned for easing aches, improving blood circulation and helping to tone your skin. Herbal blends are applied with circular movements to remove dead skin then followed by a warm Herbal Pack compress combined with healing massage techniques. Dry or Oil massage can be selected according to your skin type.